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If you have suffered physical, emotional or mental injuries because of careless actions of others, you could have legal rights to recover monetary damages in a personal injury lawsuit. Accidents occur regularly in Chicago, in Cook County and in surrounding areas in many different ways. Some of the more common personal injury claims involve car accidents; slip-and-fall incidents at restaurants, grocery stores, and other commercial establishments; dog bites; medical malpractice; construction site accidents; and faulty or poorly designed consumer products.

Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers

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A personal injury lawsuit is known as a tort case and involves proving that someone or some entity negligently caused your injuries. Negligence essentially means a person or company acted unreasonably in creating unsafe conditions. For example, a grocery store could be liable for damages if its employees failed to remove a slippery substance on the floor in a busy area of the store, even though they knew about it, and a customer slipped and suffered significant injuries.

The amount of monetary compensation in a personal injury case depends primarily on the severity of an injury, intensity of pain and suffering, length of recovery time, and whether an injury is permanent (for example, scarring or loss of limb). An injured person can also recover compensation for lost wages and medical bills. A jury determines damages based primarily on its sense of what’s fair under the circumstances.  If a personal injury case settles (most do), the parties involved reach a compromise on their best estimate on what a jury would award.

Hiring a lawyer in the Chicago area who specializes in personal injury cases can help maximize your recovery, especially if your case involves complex facts and medical records. Insurance companies are often involved, and they typically defend their policyholders aggressively. Personal injury attorneys are accustomed to dealing with insurance claims adjusters and the process for handling claims. If your case goes to court, lawyers know how the court system works. Chicago personal injury attorneys typically handle personal injury cases on a contingent fee basis, meaning that they don’t recover attorneys’ fees until your case settles or you obtain a jury verdict at trial. Personal injury attorneys typically do not charge clients for an initial consultation.

It’s important to know that a personal injury lawsuit in Illinois must be filed within two years of an accident. This is known as the statute of limitations. A claim is permanently barred following the two-year time limit. If you have suffered an injury in the Chicago area because of the actions of someone else, you shouldn’t delay contacting an attorney who can assess your legal rights to make sure you don’t lose those rights.


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