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Improve Lead Quality

Law Firm lead quality improvement
In the information age, people are looking for details before making an important decision like choosing a law firm.  Providing information to a broad base of potential clients through can lead to more committed leads.  When someone sees the proof of your ability and has had a basic introduction to what you have done and are capable of, they will be better prepared to get serious about their case.

Highlight Your Attorneys

Highlight your Law Firm's attorneys
If you use heat-map or click-tracking technology for your site, you probably know that one of the most frequently clicked areas is faces, or individual attorneys.  Potential clients want to know who is going to be handling their case.  They want to directly connect with their potential attorney, especially if they haven’t met them yet.  A law firm is only as strong as the people that work there, and potential clients want to see and experience proof of that strength.

With, you can illustrate your law firm’s experience, awards, education, and history, among other things.  Each of these connect with the prospective client in a fact-based setting that is non-threatening and trustworthy.  A profile will also link the visitor to other information on the attorney’s website or social media platforms.  Individual lawyer profiles are a solid way to inform and educate potential clients about your attorneys as well as create important rapport and a foundation of trust.

Boost Your Visibility

Increase search ranking
Lawyer profiles increase a law firm’s digital storefront property.  Not only does it increase your spatial visibility, but also the strength of that visibility.  Often, directories are an unintimidating portal for people to begin their search for legal help through the Internet.  An investment in serves to bring your rankings up through association.

In addition, law firms marketing their services on the Internet cannot afford to ignore their rankings in the search engines.  Finding high quality and relevant incoming links is a critical initiative in any Search Engine Optimization campaign.  Building links by incorporating them into your listing will boost your website’s Web presence.

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